Co-developed in a world class veterinary hospital

Co-developed in a world class veterinary hospital!

10 benefits in one

Co-developed with Cornell University Veterinary Hospital, one of the top international veterinary universities worldwide, ComfortStall offers numerous respiratory and joint health benefits for stabled horses.

  • Improved joint health

  • Improved respiratory health

  • Elimination of hock sores

  • Improved quality of rest (including REM sleep)

  • Relieves symptoms of laminitis

  • Reduces the need for stable bandaging

  • Whole body recumbent support

  • Thermal insulation

  • Requires significantly less bedding

  • A return on investment typically in less than 12 months

What others are saying

“ Having a sealed rubber matting system in the hospital is imperative for disinfection between horses. We also advise this for our clients in order to prevent urine seepage resulting in ammonia/bacteria build up under un-sealed rubber mats. Comfortstall provides superior cushioning and has resulted in less bedding being required and quicker mucking out/disinfecting times.” 

Dr Kate Allen BVSc Cert EM(IntMed) DipACVSMR PhD MRCVSRCVS Recognised Specialist in Equine Sports MedicineEquine Sports Medicine CentreBristol Veterinary SchoolUniversity of Bristol 

“The foam under-surface padding has held up very well! We still have the original foam in all of the recovery stalls since 2005. Overall, it appears to be the best surface we have come across.In my opinion, as a horse owner, I think it is far superior to regular rubber mats for normal stabling. Nothing is ever easy with horses, but this flooring would reduce the labor and bedding expense and help ensure the horse’s soundness and comfort.” 

Ann Townsend-Pors, LVTAnesthesia Dept, Equine HospitalCornell University Hospital for Animals   

“Using ComfortStall can help you to reduce the amount of bedding your use and make mucking out quicker and easier. Less bedding will help you save money.” Your Horse magazine, UK